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Hospice Consulting

Internal Audits, Start-Ups, Redesigns

We are experienced in conducting audits that highlight your agency’s strengths and vulnerabilities. We will help your staff understand all of the rules and regulations, and provide the processes and materials you need to get and stay compliant. We understand how hospice agencies operate and will provide solutions that increase efficiency and profit margins – while preserving the flow of your unique agency. Our team is expert at developing and implementing processes designed to streamline workflow, reduce paperwork, increase staff & patient satisfaction, maintain compliance, maximize reimbursement and reduce your cost per patient day.

QAPI: Simple & Meaningful

​​Over the last 15 years we have developed an automated process for hospice QAPI that is simple, yet comprehensive and meaningful. Our Hospice Check Scorecard puts all of your quality and operational data in one place, allowing you to quickly generate your monthly and quarterly reports. The dashboard graphics allow you to know at a glance where your agency stands on all the important metrics. The Scorecard also guides your staff to develop perfromance improvement plans that are relevant to the changing needs of your agency, while the trending graphics let you know that the plans are effectively achieving the desired outcomes.

Survey Preparation & Corrections

We can help you prepare for an initial survey, annual or tri-annual survey, complaint or investigative survey, reimbursement recovery audits and/or post-survey follow-up visits. We can also assist you in preparing your post survey plan of correction responses, and assist your staff in developing, implementing and tracking the progress of the plan of correction to ensure that all required elements are complete and documented appropriately. We are experienced in working with agencies going through Federal investigations and the development of corporate integrity agreements.