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Hospice Documentation Guides

Documentation Guide

This handy pocket documentation guide is perfect for new and experienced hospice nurses. The guide fits in your pocket and is fully laminated for easy cleaning. In this guide you will find:

  • Explanation of general regulations
  • Criteria for each diagnosis (LCDs)
  • Examples of documentation to support each diagnosis
  • Documentation Do’s and Dont’s
  • Scales used to measure decline (PPS, FAST, NYHA, etc)


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Amity Staffing Products

The Tag Bag

The Perfect Bag for Hospice & Home Health Clinicians

The TagBag is a nursing bag designed especially for clinicians (nurses, nursing assistants, therapists, etc) who provide care in the patient’s home (hospice, home health, caregivers, etc). The TagBag is made to be worn comfortably all day as either a hip bag or a cross-body bag. Because the TagBag is worn, the clinician never has to set the bag down, which reduces the risk of contamination or infestation. The TagBag has lots of safety features including easily accessible hand sanitizer and gloves, and a bright light to illuminate dark pathways or rooms.

I designed the TagBag specifically for clinicians to use in the field when providing care in a patient’s home. The problem with traditional nursing bags is that you either have to leave them hanging on your shoulder throughout the visit, which hurts your back, neck and shoulder; or, find a place to set the bag down, which increases the risk of contamination or infestation (which happens more than you would think) I spent five years field testing and perfecting the bag until we produced the perfect bag for any clinician who provides care in a patient’s home.


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