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Hospice Nurse Staffing

Amity Staffing specializes in connecting healthcare facilities with qualified professionals, including hospice nurses and hospice travel nurses. Our dedicated team ensures seamless placements, matching the unique needs of each facility with skilled caregivers. With a focus on compassionate care and expertise, our hospice nurses bring comfort and support to patients in their final journey.

Hospice is All We Do

Experience the Difference
With Our Focus on Hospice, Amity’s Experienced Nurses Define Excellence in Hospice Staffing Services
  • Local to your agency, patients and families they serve
  • Proficient in technology and multiple EMRs
  • Prepared to start patient visits on day one
  • Integrate with your team for a seamless patient experience
  • Hand-picked for experience, skill and passion for hospice
  • Understand the nuances of hospice documentation
  • Proficient in all levels of hospice care
  • Comprehensive, survey-ready personnel files provided
  • Proprietary Amity Visit Verification Technology
  • Flexible contract terms, with no minimum requirements
Upholding Care Standards

Proficient in All Levels of Care

Admit Visits

Proficient in completing hospice admits, ensuring that all necessary documents are obtained and completed to meet legal, regulatory and eligibility requirements.

Recert Visits

Expertly perform recert assessments and meticulously document all findings and data required to support recertification of the terminal illness.

Routine Visits

Our nurses are trained to step in and provide the level of service and care you and your patients expect, ensuring a seamless client / patient experience.

SIA/Death Visits

In the transitional and death period, our team of dedicated nurses offers compassionate support to patients and their families, assisting them through this challenging time.

Compliance Maintained

Reliable Compliant Practices

Care Plan Updates

Using your EMR, our nurses will revise the Hospice POC per your agency’s policy and guidelines

Supervisory Visits

Our RNs are skilled in conducting, and documenting, “present” and “non-present” supervisory visits as required by each state

IDG / IDT Notes

Our nurses will complete all IDG/IDT notes in a timely manner as requested, and following your agency’s guidelines

Discharge Visits

Regardless of the reason for discharge, our nurses will prepare the patient and complete the appropriate paperwork

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