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Hospice Training

Documentation Training That Teaches Hospice Nurses How to Paint the Picture

Most hospice nurses are familiar with the phrase “paint the picture” of eligibility and decline. Most hospice nurses struggle with understanding how to do this. We provide books and classes that give clear, practical instruction on techniques to make documentation “audit-proof”. The training focuses on techniques to change documentation from positive to negative with tons of example phrases that hospice nurses can use to clearly support eligibility. Call today to schedule one of our training packages for your team.

Hospice Documentation Products and Classes

A Hospice Nurse’s Guide to Documentation

This handy pocket documentation guide is perfect for new and experienced hospice nurses.  The guide fits in most pockets or bags and includes: Explanation of general regulations; Criteria for each diagnosis (LCDs ); Examples of documentation that supports each diagnosis; Documentation Do’s and Don’ts; and, Scales used to measure decline (PPS, FAST, NYHA, etc).

A Supplemental Guide to Hospice Documentation

This supplemental documentation guide will show you how to easily take your documentation to the next level. The first section provides real examples of system assessment specific documentation that will support the most common hospice diagnoses.  The second section is a catalog of phrases nurses can quickly and easily incorporate into their documentation.

Virtual Training Classes

Designed for new and experienced hospice nurses, these classes teach nurses techniques to “flip” documentation from positive to negative; thereby, supporting eligibility and decline. Principles of negative documentation and lots of practical examples/situations are provided. The classes are provided in three 1-hours sessions, usually one per week, but can be tailored to meet specific needs or requests.

Customized Training

We will review records (on-site or virtually) to identify areas of improvement and build a training plan to specifically support your agency’s needs. For three months following the completion of all classes, we will review records and provide reinforcement of the training to reinforce understanding. We also offer train-the-trainer classes to teach your QA nurses how to trend data and focus training in areas of vulnerability.