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Hospice Training and Advocacy

Discover comprehensive hospice care training at Amity Staffing. Elevate your skills with specialized hospice training for nurses. Become an advocate in hospice care through our tailored programs. Access virtual training for nurses, ensuring flexibility and convenience in your learning journey.”

Mastering Hospice Documentation

Virtual Training for Nurses

Empower your hospice nurses to transition effortlessly from positive to supportive negative documentation, clearly illustrating eligibility criteria, even in cases where patient symptoms are well managed. Our one-hour virtual classes are meticulously crafted for the convenience of your staff, ensuring every nurse can grasp these critical documentation principles and techniques.

Staffing Stability Solutions

Resources for Hospice Agencies

With years of experience in the hospice staffing industry, we’ve amassed invaluable insights into fostering a stable and productive workforce. Through our annual Hospice Nurse Your Opinion Matters survey, we gather firsthand perspectives from working hospice nurses, offering essential insights into what drives happiness, productivity, and longevity in their roles. Contact us for upcoming presentations or to schedule a customized session for your leadership team.

Tips for Hospice Nurses

Preserving the Art of Hospice Nursing

Explore our free Tips for Hospice Nurses video series, a dedicated resource designed to support and empower hospice nurses. With multiple videos released each week across social media platforms, these invaluable resources cover a range of topics including patient care, documentation techniques, and nurse safety. At The Amity Group, we prioritize the well-being of hospice nurses because we care deeply about the crucial work they do. Access our videos to enhance your skills, stay informed, and feel supported in providing exceptional care to patients in hospice settings.

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